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26/1/21 – It’s always been my contention Harry Potter is a Star Wars remake. Now it’s becoming one in more than just content – with the announcement of a TV show, they have this cow locked tightly to an eternal milker. More

26/1/21 – I’m all for another woman director of colour getting work, but when will they stop flogging this dead horse? Every Tomb Raider movie has sucked, and they’re still making another one. More

24/1/21 – Kenneth Branagh will play mop-headed Trump-lite moron UK PM Boris Johnson in a new project. More

23/1/21 – A Naked Gun reboot starring… Liam Neeson?!? More

22/1/21 – Sony has delayed its raft of 2021 movies again. More

22/1/21 – I love Guy Ritchie’s classic con-coms hated but hated The Gentlemen, so I’m torn about the news that he’s doing a spy thriller with The Stath (and apparently Josh Hartnett is still alive). More

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