The 11th Hour

Year: 2007
Production Co: Appian Way
Studio: Warner Independent Pictures
Director: Nadia Conners/Leila Conners Petersen
Producer: Leila Conners Petersen/Leonardo DiCaprio
Writer: Nadia Conners/Leila Conners Petersen
You can't watch this film without comparing it to Al Gore's critically and commercially triumphant An Inconvenient Truth, which begs the question; have we heard it all before?

The imagery is different, the message is much the same as Leo DiCaprio and a raft of talking heads talk about the looming catastrophic destruction of mankind through environmental degradation, interspersed with interesting (if well known in this day and age) facts, figures and emotive pictures that help drive the message home.

There's such a green movement now in everyone from the individual to the world's biggest corporation, one wonders if ominous warnings like this aren't passé. It might not have been had every refrain from the film already be part of our social and popular culture.

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