24 Hour Party People

Year: 2002
Director: Michael Winterbottom
Cast: Steve Coogan, John Simm
A very well put together biopic style of the life and times of Tony Wilson and the Manchester scene he helped create that spawned more than one culture that's swept the world.

It follows Wilson's (Coogan) struggle to run an independent record label (Factory, with the likes of Joy Division on board) and run a club to showcase them (the Hacienda, which unwittingly became the seat of the drug and rave scene).

Very funny, with some interesting flourishes - Wilson's talking is snappy ('I'm being post-modern, before it was fashionable') and at times hilariously out of left field (pointing out real people from the events depicted in cameos, at one point he explains how a scene featuring one of them was cut that it would probably end up on the DVD).

A cult appeal ensured its success, and the script and execution made sure it lived up to that appeal well.

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