27 Dresses

Year: 2007
Studio: Fox 2000
Director: Anne Fletcher
Producer: Gary Barber/Roger Birnbaum
Cast: Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, Ed Burns, Malin Ackerman, Judy Greer
Yes this was a chintzy romantic comedy, set in New York with beautiful young people you want to see falling in love. Yes, the set-up was contrived, the characters stereotypical, the payoff so neat it almost had a bow on it.

It's the story of a serial maid of honour (Heigl) who deep down wants to commit to the right man herself but is secretly in love with her untouchable boss (Burns). When her beautiful sister arrives on the scene (Ackerman) and he falls for her instead, our heroine curls up and decides to give up on love - if only she could keep the slightly crumpled and slightly sexy reporter (marsden) from harassing her about a story on weddings he intends to do about her.

Get the picture? Can't understand why it works? One reason; Katherine Heigl. She has such a charm and such a comic presence she carries the whole thing. Despite being stunning, she isn't afraid to make herself look silly or human for a laugh (or tear), and the result is a girl you fall in love with from the first frame onwards, not a supermodel type you'd be too scared to pass within five feet of.

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