9 Songs

Year: 2004
Production Co: Revolution Films
Director: Michael Winterbottom
Producer: Michael Winterbottom
Writer: Michael Winterbottom
Cast: Margo Stilley, Kieran O'Brien
Millenia from now, alien beings will somehow crack open the archives of human history and they'll wonder how that the most common act of the human race came to be so unwatchable and taboo in popular culture.

Don't believe anything anyone says, this film is about showing you explicit sex. If it was the same movie with an M rating with the picture fading out when the lovers start to get it on, it would have been the dullest film ever. As it is, it's not far off as American college student Lisa (Stilley) and scientist Matt (O'Brien) go to a local rock venue to watch a gig, then have sex. Then they go to watch another gig, then they have sex again. This happens nine times, and that's it.

There's no story - what little dialogue or drama the film depicts has no point, resolution, beginning or end. It's just two people having a brief sexual affair. What makes that so fascinating is still beyond me as it's not titillating and doesn't advance the (mostly non-existent) story.

Michael Winterbottom at his most pretentious. Avoid it like a nasty sexually transmitted infection.

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