9/11: The Falling Man

Year: 2006
Production Co: Darlow Smithson Productions
Director: Henry Singer
Producer: Henry Singer
This movie makes a very good point. Not long after all the documentaries, pictures and images that came from September 11, a lot of the more unpalatable ones were airbrushed from the public and media record.

Just one of them is the people who saw no choice but to jump from the upper floors of 110 storey buildings and go quickly rather than burn to death.

One of them became the subject of a search to identify him which opened old wounds and became a fascinating story in itself, and it's this story that forms the basis of the documentary.

The sensationalism is kept to a minimum and the shots and videos we do have to see of plummeting bodies are brief enough to be merciful but shocking enough to ensure we don't forget. It's sensitively told in the vein of many good Hollywood mysteries and worth watching to remind yourself how lucky you are rather than to rubber-neck.

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