976 EVIL

Year: 1989
Director: Robert Englund
Cast: Stephen Geoffreys
Interesting for two reasons. Robert Englund directed, and since this movie was released in 1989 (no doubt straight to video), it was probably around the time he was still popular as Freddy Krueger but the star was waning along with the franchise (Part 5 was released in the same year).

The other reason is the appearance is 80's schlock horror and teen sex comedy fixture Stephen Geoffreys, once again playing the nerd transformed into the hero. His biggest movie role was in the pretty big 1985 vampire hit Fright Night , a role he basically reprises here by calling a phone astrology line that connects him to the depths of hell and turns him into a raving psychopath.

I remember just one scene; he's cut off some bozo's hand who's then run into a toilet block and hid in a cubicle, holding his bloodied wrist and praying. Geoffreys comes in, kicking the cubicle doors in one by one towards the terrified guy, and when he gets to the cubicle his prey is in, he waves at the guy with his severed hand and says with this really evil look on his face in his nerdy little voice 'bye bye'.

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