Aachi & Ssipak

Year: 2006
Production Co: J Team
Director: Jo Beom-jin
Writer: Jo Beom-jin
In an apocalyptic world of the future, a sprawling city in the desert is powered by human faeces. Every time you 'contribute' to supply, you're rewarded with an ice block-like food source called a juicybar that's addictive and soporific, and so in demand it's become a black market icon.

While two everyday street urchins (Aachi & Ssipak) and a porn starlet try to make their way in their grimy neighbourhoods, an uprising is building as a race of small, smurf-like creatures called the Diaper Gang prepare to invade, led by their fearsome leader hell-bent on cornering the juicybar market.

While the macho police force (led by a diminutive pre-pubescent girl) dispatches commando-style cyborgs to reign in the explosion of violence, the Daiper Gang start to hit supply lines and turn the tide.

Sound like a strange idea for a movie? In this ultra-violent, hysterically funny, frenetic Korean anime film, it all makes perfect sense. The characters, premise, dialogue and visuals are all priceless and if you love anime, this is essential. If you can't quite get into anime but would like to, it's is a perfect starting point.

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