Year: 2007
Studio: Universal
Director: Steve Pink
Cast: Justin Long
Part of a rash of movies that have apparently bombed in the US in their pre-blockbuster season 2007 releases, having gone straight to video in Australia.

Justin Long continues his nice/funny guy John Cusack lite routine as a guy with a nice family and a nice life who's been rejected from every college he's applied to.

Desperate to not upset his parents, he writes an acceptance from a fake college, intending to work the whole mess out later. Then his parents want to see it, so he and his goofy, misfit friends have to find a building and do it up. Then his Dad wants to meet the dean, so they have to hire an eccentric friend. Then word gets out and they start receiving hundreds of thousands in course fees and every lobo who's been rejected shows up expecting to be taught stuff.

You get the idea. It's a small-thing-looming-into-a-huge-problem comedy (like the fish out of water comedy, but with more hyphens). The building of one disaster into another drives the narrative and with its workable structure it could have been a five minute skit or a ten part series, the beauty of the concept.

You know where it's going long before it gets there; the whole 'we've all been rejected so we belong together and deserve a place in society' line, but the laughs are played for laughs, the Disney morals are kept to a minimum and the cast have the charisma to pull it off.

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