Year: 1993
Director: Frank Marshall
Cast: Ethan Hawke, Vincent Spano, Illeana Douglas
Telling the true story of a South American soccer team whose place crashed in the Andes, this is the harrowing story of human triumph the marketing at the time wanted it to be.

It's very character driven as each member of the football team and their co-passengers lives, dies, awakens, volunteers to search or (as Ethan Hawke does as Nando) maintains that they have to eat the dead to stay alive.

One of the most haunting moments come about halfway through the film. At the beginnings of certain 'chapters', we see how many days have passed since the crash, and without any pomp and pageantry, the next one appears and something like a hundred days has passed.

The plane crash sequence is technically spectacular, but don't watch it expecting a disaster film - it's told with a heart and that's what will engage you.

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