All About the Benjamins

Year: 2002
Director: Kevin Bray
Writer: Ice Cube
Cast: Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Eva Mendes
Ice Cube has never showed the dramatic range of Laurence Olivier, and when I see one of his films I expect a lot of fast-talkin' homie dialogue and fast action.

This film wasn't really missing anything, but it wasn't as funny or furious as I thought it'd be. Cube is a bail bondsman on the trail of low life Epps, who's in turn on the trail of a winning lottery ticket that he's left at the scene of a diamond heist.

A large portion of the comedy and drama is the typical odd couple mythology when the duo have to team up to put everything right, and while there's plenty of action and some laughs, it doesn't quite hit the heights you hope for.

Interesting to see Eva Mendes turn up as the stereotypical Latina girlfriend of a black brother; now she's bigger than the rest of the cast combined.

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