All Men are Liars

In the wake of the glory days of Australian cinema - when Muriel's Wedding and Priscilla: Queen of the Desert were busting blocks and changing the face of movies from down under - the inevitable happened.

A bunch of producers and investors flush with money green-lit every half-baked script and idea they could wrap their hands around, and All Men Are Liars is one such movie in search of a premise.

Young rural teen Mick desperately wants to meet Angela (long-MIA soap star Toni Pearen), the alluring lead singer of a rock band who's going to be playing at a local festival. To get close to her, he dresses as woman and asks to be part of their all-girl band, and he has to fend off the advances of local yobbos and more comic hijinks to win her heart.

A bizarre and creepy aside has Mick's slightly tragic rockabilly father Barry (Wolf Creek villain John Jarratt) making a play for Angela as well, lamenting his impotence to the young beauty after attempting to seduce her in his car.

A toneless, unoriginal mess, it's symptomatic of the throw-money-at-a-wall-and-see-what-sticks of Australian movies ever since.

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