All of Me

Year: 1984
Production Co: King Road Entertainment
Director: Carl Reiner
Writer: Phil Alden Robinson
Cast: Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, Victoria Tennant

One of Steve Martin's early turns after graduating from Saturday Night Live and one of the performances that cemented his reputation as the Jim Carrey of his day - rubber faced, contortionist of the body, slapstick genius.

The spirit of a crabby millionairess (Tomlin), with the help/hindrance of her Swami spiritual adviser, are implanted into a lawyer (Martin), with expected but funny effect, including his budding romance with leading lady and real-life spouse Tennant. Some classic scenes (taking over his duties in court while he's asleep, 'the little fireman') and good camerawork depicting the soul of Tomlin inside the body of Martin make it enjoyable.

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