Along Came a Spider

Year: 2001
Director: Lee Tamahori
Cast: Moregan Freeman, Monica Potter, Michael Wincott, Billy Burke, Michael Moriarty
Morgan Freeman inhabiting the role he knows best - of the wisened senior police detective we all love, respect and wish really existed - in a pretty banal mystery thriller about a plot to kidnap the daughter of a congressman.

The twist ending was no surprise to me as I'd read James Patterson's novel (which incidentally had Cross and Jezzie becoming lovers, a slightly gross thought about Morgan Freeman and Monica Potter), but I don't think the surprise ending would have made it much better aside from having one of those 'oh, that's what's happening' moments.

One of the first steps in Lee Tamahori's career on his Phillip Noyce path - of becoming an acclaimed filmmaker in his native country and selling it all out to become a US studio hack.

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