American History X

Year: 1998
Director: Tony Kaye
Cast: Edward Norton, Edward Furlong, Beverly D'Angelo, Fairuza Balk
It's difficult not to describe any of Edward Norton's movies as being 'one of his best', and this one's no different.

Norton is neo Nazi Derek who goes to jail for the murder of two blacks who try to break into the house he shares with his younger brother Danny (Furlong), who idolises him.

We follow both stories, of the younger brother trying to make his way through the hostility of adolescence, find and assert his identity and stay true to his loyalty to his brother, and of Derek reforming his ways because of a (somewhat contrived) metaphor of prison making all men equal, thereby teaching him that all men are in fact equal.

Derek starts to get out and get his life together, to the disgust of his still-bigoted girlfriend, friends and associates and keep his brother on the straight and narrow.

As faultless a performance as Norton has ever delivered and a strong, subtle comment on racism.

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