Year: 1997
Director: Luis Llosa
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Eric Stolz, Jonathan Hyde, Kari Wuhrer, Owen Wilson, Danny Trejo
The schlock hit of 1997, so bad it's still remembered for all the wrong reasons, and so successful for the studio they eventually paid for a sequel.

A permanent blight on the careers of Jennifer Lopez (then still budding and not yet an entertainment industry player), Ice Cube and Jon Voight (who at least appears to be having fun), it tells the Jaws-like story of a wildlife documentary crew travelling deep into the Amazonian jungle.

They pick up an enigmatic Uraguayan hunter (Voight) who sees them as his meal ticket to help him find his prey - the Anaconda.

The high camp horror is given away before the movie even starts, in the introduction that tells you balefully that anacondas will regurgitate their victims 'to kill again'.

Coupled with the snake that must weigh half a ton but moves like a dragster across open floor, and you have the mother of all B grade horror movies.

One by one the creepy villain dispatches or put out of action all the crew while leading their boat deeper into anaconda territory, and they have to stay out of his way and avoid the enormous CG or puppet snakes that scream like whipper snippers rather than hiss.

Not terribly scary, but great fun in the same way Showgirls was alongside other 'so good they're bad' flicks.

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