Analyze That

I read a bad review of this film a few days before seeing it and was all set up for disappointment after reading that the chemistry between Paul (De Niro) and Ben (Crystal) was all gone, Laura (Kudrow) had been reduced to a whiny back player and the premise was ridiculous. It goes to show we're never truly objective in these things. The chemistry between De Niro and Crystal was as tangible and perfectly timed as in Analyze This, if not more so.

Paul Vitti is getting tired of life in Sing Sing - someone's ordered a hit on him and he needs to get out to find out who. Playing crazy, he is released into the care of his neurotic shrink Ben Sobel to try and go straight while find out who's behind the war hitting the streets.

The premise is as hackneyed as last time, but at least the mobster humour isn't toned down like many comedies depicting organised crime manage to do. the lifestyle Paul and his old cronies have is palpably realistic of the old school Sicilian Mafia running New York.

Some hilarious moments due to a great script and perfect comic tension by both leads, Kudrow and director Ramis make it as much a treat as the original.

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