Angels and Insects

A disappointment all in all. It looked like it was going to be a lush period drama and in all honesty it was, it just wasn't dramatic enough to hold much interest.

The first hour and a half merely deal with the setting up of a rich estate family in 18th century England. A naturalist (Rylance) becomes part of the family by assisting the patriarchal father in his studies, marrying the beautiful daughter (Kensit) still in mourning for her first betrothed after his death and befriending the governess of the children (Thomas).

When the promised payoff (of the terrible secret that will tear the family apart) comes, it's a huge letdown not nearly worth having endured the length of time you had to wait to get there. It's the sort of movie you can turn off twenty minutes away from the end (as I did) and not miss anything. Rylance does however turn in a compelling performance.

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