The Animal

Fresh from the mid 90's graduating class of Saturday Night Live comes Rob Schneider with his trademark shtick – lovable nerdy loser. Directed, produced and executive produced by a who's who of SNL regulars (including Adam Sandler and production company Happy Madison), he plays a loser who wants to be a cop and is put back together using animal parts after a car crash.

Whatever plot there is exists merely to set up the next animal-living-in-mans-body gag, some of which are visible a mile away, some of which are genuinely funny (such as the repeated visits to the restaurant restroom). But every predictable feature is in place, from the goofy friends and beautiful love interest to the excuse for a scantily clad babe.

Michael Caton becomes the latest in a long line of Australian actors to suffer in a pile of Hollywallop trying to capitalise on newfound international popularity because of success back home. And John McGinley has come a long way down since the auspicious heights of Platoon.

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