Antwone Fisher

Year: 2002
Studio: Fox Searchlight
Director: Denzel Washington
Producer: Denzel Washington
Writer: Antwone Fisher
Cast: Denzel Washington, Derek Luke

A very Hollywood drama, the sort Denzel Washington seems to specialise in (behind as well as in front of the camera in this instance), the sort that sits a little on the feelgood side of the fence of gritty drama, where the conflict is never too ugly and there's lots of family love to go around.

An angry young man joins the army and is continually hauled before the fair but firm psychiatrist (Washington) who will be come his father figure. It's a journey for both of them as they learn to love again in their own ways with their own families (and selves), and while it's well done, it's been done before, most popularly in Good Will Hunting and the rash of other 'young man lost finds father' themes Hollywood loves.

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