The Apartment

Year: 1996
Production Co: IMA Productions
Director: Gilles Mimouni
Writer: Gilles Mimouni
Cast: Vincent Cassell, Monica Bellucci
French cinema at what some believe is it's finest. A twisted tale of star crossed loves and both agonising turns of fate and tightly wound relationships that resolves itself so neatly we come full circle.

I can't remember the finer details of the plot except that Vincent Cassell says goodbye to his fiancee, gets involved with both Monica Bellucci and hottie Bohringer and spends the entire running time trying to find, flirt with and bed both or either of them before everything clicks into place.

Not only does it have brilliant writing, it captures the European film essence where the characters are beautiful and the photography lovely rather than the more recent Eurotrash fixation on people with unwashed hair constantly smoking.

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