Appleseed Ex Machina

Year: 2007
Production Co: Digital Frontier
Director: Shinji Aramaki
The story is, while interesting, the usual m.o. of the anime genre. Investigating the fusion between man and machine like the best of David Cronenberg, but with an eye more on Ridley Scott, a futuristic society where humans, droids and cyborgs live in harmony starts to fall apart under the assault of terrorist attacks that turn the populace into docile zombie like creatures that turn on the authorities.

Dealing with a love triangle in her own unit, the plucky female hero is at the vanguard of the effort to bring the situation under control. But before you assume you've seen it all before, you've seen nothing this sweeping and alive in a cartoon before.

With mere production design that's Oscar-worthy, you've seldom seen so much care and effort go into a mere cartoon. The action, the spectacle, the scenery and the texture of the film are astounding.

Like the latter Matrix films wanted to be, it's a philosophical treatise on life and humanity dressed in black leather, huge flying armoured suits and kicking the shit out of the bad guys in some of the coolest action scenes you'll see in any film, let alone anime.

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