Arlington Road

Year: 1999
Director: Mark Pellington
Cast: Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack, Hope Davis
A gripping drama of urban terrorists and a man who uncovers their secret alone. Robbins is a glassy, self-styled freedom fighter targeting government installations in the style of the ultranationalists who engineered the Oklahoma city bombing.

When mild mannered Jeff Bridges moves in next door, Robbins and his wife seem like model neighbours, but cracks start to appear and Bridges' character starts to suspect something finding out the truth (of course) when it's on the verge of being too late.

Strongly thematic and convincingly acted (although the usually flawless Robbins overdoes the evil a bit), with some brilliant editing, the camera at times flashing back and forth quickly between shots that convey what's going on very cleverly. It's not really surprising in the hands of an accomplished director like Pellington, who went on to do The Mothman Prophecies, with its striking and controlled visuals.

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