Armed and Dangerous

Year: 1986
Director: Mark L Lester
Writer: Brian Grazer
Cast: John Candy, Eugene Levy, Robert Loggia, Meg Ryan, Brion James
Another in the very 1980s, SNL, Second City comedies - asinine, middle of the road, with the same increasingly tired actors and silly plots, complete with a synthesised pop band to sing the title track.

Something to do with a cop and a lawyer (Candy and Levy) who both lose their jobs and become security guards, coming up against a corrupt union. It's strange fare for a 1980s stencil-drawn Hollycomedy, and one wonders if the anti-solidarity Reaganite government of the day had something to do with it the same as the 21st century Republicans are trying to encourage producers to make films casting the war on terrorism in a good light.

If it wasn't for the Christopher guest/Michael McKean mockumentary movement and the American Pie franchise, Eugene Levy would be another 80s comedy actor having long slid into straight to video oblivion.

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