The Astronaut’s Wife

A moody, languorous and ultimately unsatisfying (if you're after a clear explanation) film. Two space shuttle astronauts (including Depp) are lost in orbit for two minutes. Contact is reestablished, they head home, and all seems over.

The more senior one dies after several episodes of violent tendencies, and slowly, the protagonist wife of the other (Theron, as smoulderingly sexy as ever) starts to suspect weird things about her husband.

Egged on by a former NASA employee who's turned up more than he should know about the missing two minutes (Morton), she witnesses more strange goings on in her husbands personality. Ultimately - somehow - she discovers that something has 'replaced' him and returned in his body. Whether it's an alien presence hoping to live on Earth (as the climax and last scene would suspect), we never find out for sure.

Very stylised, crystalline direction and movement, with artful close-ups of kissing lips and running liquid, Theron turns in the better performance but the whole thing, while beautiful and haunting, could have worked better had it been produced for a more commercial audience.

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