Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Year: 1958
Production Co: Woolner Brothers Pictures Inc
Director: Nathan Hertz
Writer: Mark Hanna

50s B movie schlock all the way as a jilted wife grows into the titular monster. While her husband cavorts in the town bar with his mistress, plotting to run away with her, his increasingly upset and unhinged wife swings between ranting about is betrayal and abuse and desperately wanting him to love her again.

She's under the weather mentally after being chased out of the desert by a strange light and seeing a being descend from an otherwordly ship, even more so that nobody seems to believe her. But when she starts growing to an incredible size thanks to the interstellar being's power, she decides enough's enough, going on the rampage to track down her husband and his lover.

Like many films of the era, the effects are decidedly creaky and the poster's much more exciting than the film. The 50 foot tall woman is a slow moving creature who scowls occasionally and doesn't do much more damage than take the roof of a bar - there's no tossing cars asunder like on the famous promotional imagery. But it's worth seeing for 50s sci-fi completists.

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