Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

Year: 1978
Production Co: NAI Entertainment
Director: John De Bello
Producer: John De Bello
Writer: John De Bello

I wonder if there's anyone who doesn't realise this movie is a joke, even without having seen it. The jack of all trades writer/director/editor/composer John De Bello certainly did, because it goes for a scattergun, Flying High approach of constant sight and script gags. The problem is that after a few chuckles at the premise, a 90 minute film needs much more comedic meat to hold you interest. De Bello isn't the Zucker brothers, and this film doesn't have it.

When tomatoes come to life and start attacking and killing people, the government sets up a task force of badly-cast actors spouting dreadfully unfunny lines. The funniest thing about them (the whole movie, in fact) is their comically small meeting room, where they have to climb over the desk and each other to get in and out.

The special effects that amount to a guy off camera rolling oversized paper maché and rubber tomatoes down footpaths after fleeing extras while the soundtrack plays the increasingly irritating mumble/chatter of the attacking tomatoes, and without something very special to offer it's not even a great bad movie, it's just a bad movie.

I didn't even watch long enough to try and spot a very early George Clooney, and I'm glad I didn't because I learned later it was the 1988 sequel he was in.

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