Austin Powers in Goldmember

Whereas Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me stumbled occasionally by trying to hammer home new versions of the jokes that made the original so good, Myers and company seem to have learned their lesson.

There isn't a laugh in Austin Powers in Goldmember that isn't deserved (no matter how disgusting, as many are). And there's a lot more of them. Abandoning all but the bare bones of a storyline, Goldmember is played purely for laughs, and they come thick and fast, from sudden splutters to hold-your-sides hysterics.

A lot of the most popular and successful gags from the original do return, only bigger and better, like the shadow sequence in the submarine doctor's office. The multi talented Myers (who could never have imagined at the height of his Wayne's World popularity that he'd exceed it like this) now plays the four main characters, and everyone (and everything) else is a set piece to support him.

This time, Powers catches Dr Evil, who goes to prison. But two threats loom - the kidnapping of Powers' famous spy father Nigel (Caine) and the rise of a new villain, Dutch despot Goldmember. Transferred to minimum security in exchange for information, Dr Evil springs himself and Minimi (Troyer) and they join forces with Goldmember to wreak typical world-domination havoc. Austin has to travel to disco-era 1975 and reteam with ex lover and master FBI agent Foxxy Cleopatra (Knowles) to solve the mystery and find his father.

A lot more sight gags, and more movie industry cameos and inside references than you can keep up with. Just the sight of Tom Cruise dressed as Austin uttering the famous 'Yeah baby' is worth the price of admission alone. Lowbrow, but a scream.

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