The Aviator

A powerful biopic and a better film than an entertaining movie. You can tell that Scorsese and DiCaprio loved their subject of the eccentric and reclusive industrialist Howard Hughes - every frame is well thought out and planned down to the finest technical and artistic detail (even to the point of the colour reflecting the film technology of the day).

DiCaprio is at the top of his game and looks exactly like photos I've seen of Hughes later in life. Blanchett was said to be a shoe in for her role as Katharine Hepburn, but I wasn't around in Hepburn's heyday so have no idea how true to life she was.

It's a sweeping story, from Hughes' production of Hell's Angels to his facing the senate committee designed to entrench Pan Am's monopoly on international travel. Fascinating characters surrounded Hughes' life and I don't imagine Scorsese or Logan had to take many liberties (apart from combining several people into one character or other considerations of running time) depicting a driven man bought undone by his own paranoia.

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