Babe: Pig in the City

Every now and again, a sequel comes along after a very successful and enjoyable original and surpasses it. Every now and again it looks as though the producer or director have rushed something into production thinking that any old rubbish will generate the same bankroll. This film is the latter.

After the simple and funny original, Babe comes to the city to try to save Hoggetts farm, being foreclosed by the bank after an accident leaves Hoggett (Cromwell) incapacitated.

He and Mrs Hoggett (Szubanski) end up in the city staying in a fleapit hotel to attend a fair for prize money. What follows is a stupid procession of pointless set pieces, nonsensical story and characters (even for animals) that goes nowhere. Some scenes are even quite disturbing, especially for little children. As before, the three singing mice steal the show announcing every chapter, but in this garbage, they're the only high point.

George Miller's phone must have been ringing off the hook when Babe was released, but it's undoubtedly gone dead now. So bad even the animals from the farm only agreed to appear in the first two minutes. How the hell they got Mickey Rooney to agree to it is a complete mystery.

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