Year: 1994
Director: Iain Softley
Writer: Iain Softley
Cast: Stephen Dorff, Sheryl Lee
A pretty well done movie with a very interesting backdrop. Little more than the tale of two friends determined to start a band and the woman one of them gave up the dream to be with, what makes it interesting is that the two friends are Stuart Sutcliffe and John Lennon.

It shows the relationships developing, disintegrating and forming between Sutcliffe (Dorff), Lennon (Hart) and the German photographer Sutcliffe falls for and who devises much of the Beatles' public look for the next decade, Astrid (Lee).

And all the while, Pete Best, George Harrison and Paul McCartney are reaching new heights in the background in their early days in Hamburg.

More interesting than it probably looked on paper just because of the history.

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