A B grade idea made much better than it really is by careful direction, excellent effects and some solid performances by some very respectable names. Brian and Steven (Baldwin and Russell) are brothers whose firefighter father died years before; now they have a serious sibling rivalry going on to be the better firefighter. With Steven entrenched in firefighting life, Brian feels like an outsider and gives up, going to work for a crusty arson investigator (De Niro).

While there, he uncovers a conspiracy to kill a group of people by arson who are advising on budget cuts to the fire department. When it seems his brother is involved, the inevitable showdown happens amid a huge climactic fire where the truth comes out.

A myriad of cohesive subplots orbit the story, like Brian's romance with his old flame (Leigh), the slimy mayoral candidate she works for (Walsh) who's trying to elbow the arson investigation along to his political purposes, and the creepy pyromaniac psycho who knows more than he should (Sutherland).

Entertaining, though the arson premise took away from the mystique somewhat and threatened to turn it into a fairly humdrum drama/thriller.

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