Bad Boy Bubby

Neverending, greasy, grimy, bleak, miserable and mostly pointless tale about all sorts of abuse of a 35 year old man. Bubby (Hope) is kept locked in a dingy room all his life by his mother, fed slop, made to sexually service her, play with feral cats and cockroaches and spend all day not moving from his chair, even to the point of wetting himself. He can't talk properly, doesn't understand death or breathing and thinks the outside world is full of poison due to the gas mask his psycho mother wears every time she leaves.

When his alcoholic father returns one day and kicks him straight out, the story chronicles his horrific and sometimes hilarious adventures outside. It stretches credibility and belief continually (how he gets to go to bed with a gorgeous Salvation Army singer begs explanation), and lurches uncomfortably between slapstick comedy, grim menace and misery.

Despite great performances by the leads, it contains too many unrelated and ludicrous sequences and in the end it hasn't really said anything. It finishes ridiculously with a silly fairy tale ending when he ends up married with two children.

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