Bad Eggs

The second installment from the new Australian filmmaking institution of Martin and Molloy, much better than their first one-joke effort (Crackerjack). With a better rounded story, a more interesting plot, more detailed characters and better scripting, it's a comedy crime caper about two cops from an elite unit (Molloy and Franklin) whose continued incompetence sees them busted further down the chain of command.

They team up with a reporter and former partner of one (in more ways than one) played again with stoic sarcasm by Judith Lucy until they discover corruption that reaches all the way to the top, climaxing in a hostage swap standoff in rural Victoria.

Some well know and talented support (Shaun Micaleff, Bill Hunter) give Molloy's lazy delivery and Franklin's eager cockney swagger extra weight, and it turns out a fairly good fun, well put together tale.

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