Bad Lieutenant

Year: 1992
Director: Abel Ferrara
Writer: Abel Ferrara
Cast: Harvey Keitel
A whirlpool of terror (simply at the thought that there can really be policemen like this).

Harvey Keitel is a cop who's not just corrupt, amoral and possibly psychotic, he's all three (and more) to awful degrees.

Following a few days in his life rather than telling a story, secondary characters are more or less relegated to the background and we never really see the chain of events that lead to his inevitable fate.

Instead we see him sexually harassing two young girls, taking bribes and generally bringing a pall of shame over his profession.

Yet through it all, he wants to come clean. The novice nun, whose attack and rape he is investigating, has forgiven her attackers, and the crux of the story seems to be that the unnamed main character can't fathom this, wanting instead his selfish instincts (revenge) satiated – the way he leads his whole life.

Not fun, certainly not pretty, but you can't resist Keitel at the top of his game.

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