Bad Taste

Very much in the vein of Evil Dead , where a wannabe film maker has worn every hat and then some on his first feature, only to take his place among Hollywood's creative elite years later.

If it wasn't for Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Peter Jackson had never gone anywhere, this film would have been relegated to the trashy cult bin of history. Everything about it is cheap, camp and stupid. In parts, it's not even bad enough to be 'so bad it's good'. It doesn't fully know what it wants to be from one minute to the next, and that's a bad thing even in a self-financed first feature trying to be so bad it's good.

The residents of the small NZ town of Kaihoro have disappeared after an alien invasion (we later learn they're interstellar fast food entrepreneurs intent on using human meat for their restaurant chain), and the government calls in an elite alien task force unit – four bogans wearing trakkie daks and driving around in an old Escort, who descend on the town to investigate and eradicate the threat.

The rudiments of a story follow as any excuse for spectacular and shoddy bloodshed are plumbed fully. Handfuls of raw chicken breast fillets covered with barbecue sauce are thrown all over the set as aliens, heroes and even seagulls cop bullets, falling bodies or chainsaws.

There are some laugh out loud moments of dialogue or unbelievably disgusting gore, but it's not fully funny, not fully exciting, not fully entertaining, just good trivia about the humble beginnings of a great film career.

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