Baise Moi

Like Natural Born Killers, a movie that should unfortunately not - in today's world - have been made. Unlike Natural Born Killers, not a good movie.

Basically the story of Thelma and Louise - two young women disenfranchised by a male-dominated society (in this case, a drug, rape and porn addled underbelly of society, where all the characters are greasy low-lives) who go on a spree of rebellion and liberation from their lot.

However, the premise has found its way into the hands of a young film crew with little desire except to shock. With no Hollywood gloss (or restraint), brutal rapes, explicit sex, murder and assault are shown in garish detail. And I mean explicit sex - now you can see on a cinema screen in an artistic film what you only ever could in a porno video.

It'll obviously take a long time for it to get as mainstream as killing and violence are, but the boundary has been crossed - precluded by Intimacy - and the precedent set.

Instead of feeling for the characters you wish them dead and are glad to see each meet their fate. In another step outside Hollywood's golden rules, people don't get what they deserve, and in this case, plenty of innocents get killed, not just the objects of their oppression - apparently to give the girls their requisite taste for indiscriminate killing.

All in all, it had a point to make (albeit one that had been done better elsewhere), but was so tasteless, violent and explicit the message was nearly drowned out. As a postscript, it was reviewed by the Australian censors and banned about a week later.

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