Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever

Year: 2002
Production Co: Franchise Pictures
Director: Kaos
Producer: Kaos
Writer: Alan McElroy
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Lucy Liu, Talisa Soto

The title of Worst Movie Ever Made is a big call. It's hard enough even coming up with the worst movie in a given year. But when your film hits the floor with the lowest score ever at Rotten Tomatoes, you know you're in the running.

It's appropriate that the Thai director born Wych Kaosayananda was monikered Kaos for this effort. Presumably for any future projects he'll change it to something else.

Because this film about two federal agents given the job of hunting each other down before they find a conspiracy behind their orders and have to team up is certainly among the worst movies you'll ever sit through.

'Kaos' has an orgiastic sense of destruction, but it's not even that - plenty of other directors have thrown pyrotechnics about and still not been this bad (paging Michael Bay).

But the lack of finesse with which this film bandies about so many tired action clichés and non-stop destruction is so bad as to be actually offensive.

Better movies have made less money, but few worse movies have been made. If rightsholder Franchise Pictures was smart, they'd go the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Showgirls route, playing the film up to its awful reputation and playing it at midnight screenings to cult fans.

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