Balls of Fury

Year: 2007
Production Co: Rogue Pictures
Director: Robert Ben Garant
Producer: Robert Ben Garant/Thomas Lennon
Writer: Thomas Lennon
Cast: Dan Fogler, Christopher Walken, Maggie Q, James Hong, Jason Scott Lee

The studio obviously knocked out (yes, that is the right choice of words) a quick script for this second-tier Saturday Night Live-like effort headlined by a face nobody quite recognised yet and produced it on the cheap for a few bucks.

The results is a handful of laughs - including some good ones of Christopher Walken enjoying himself no end - and a loose story as an excuse to hang them together.

A former ping pong prodigy (Fogler, in full Chris Farley mode) hopes to reclaim his former glory by travelling to China to take part in a tournament put on by a authoritarian warlord (Walken). Once there he discovers a gun-running operation that he, various sidekicks and the girl (Q) have to undo, and by the time it's over you've had a few chuckles - don't expect anything more. I did feel sorry though for Jason Scott Lee, who showed such promise and looked like the next big thing back in the days of Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story.

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