A messy movie, where neither the plot nor the characters had very well defined identities. Prison escapee brothers Thornton and Willis become legendary bank robbers because of their MO, kidnapping the bank manager the night before and going to work with him the next day to rob the bank. On their travels they meet a desperately lonely woman (Blanchett) and all fall in love with each other.

It didn't know what it was from one scene to the next, alternating between being a straight comedy about bank robbers and serious heist film with comic overtones. And the characters had the same problem. One minute Collins (Thornton) was a bumbling hypochondriac nerd, the next the brains of the outfit. Blake (Willis) was similarly cross-represented by too many personas. It also suffered the overkill of too many cool cutaways, gawky angles, indie styles and techniques and ultra-funk dialogue when a straight mainstream delivery would have sufficed to tell the story. The three leads' desire to be in a project with some indie cred probably lent it too much cool and it ended up going too far.

There are some great sequences and it's not a bad movie, but it could have been a lot better. It does however succeed in making Bruce Willis look like quite a scary thug.

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