Barb Wire

Year: 1996
Director: David Hogan
Cast: Pamela Anderson, Temuera Morrison, Steve Railsback, Clint Howard
It looked like a terrible idea at the time, an action movie starring the bimbo queen of the 1990s, Pamela Anderson.

The studio and directors realised that too, so they cleverly went with it, and the result is a great fun action romp that pokes fun at itself and in particular its pneumatic heroine.

Anderson is Barb, a mercenary (and stripper) in a desolate future of giant industrial towns where it's kill or be killed. With an old flame (Morrison) and a seemingly malevolent cop (Railsback) come up against her as she has to find her heart, think about others for a change and fight the corruption endemic in the system.

Temuera Morrison's second film appearance and it looked like a career killer, although he's withstood it somehow and is still around today. None of us should forget the kernel of wisdom 'Don't call me babe', and many people don't realise that it's another comic book adaptation, albeit before the current obsession with them.

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