Year: 1998
Director: David Zucker
Writer: David Zucker
Cast: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Kenny Squeak Scolari, Ernest Borgnine, Jenny McCarthy, Yasmin Bleeth, Robert Vaughan
The South Park creators' first cinematic effort away from their flagship creative product, and as you'd expect, it's the movie equivalent of a bunch of frat boys sitting around trying to think up a funny movie. As such, some of it's laugh out loud funny, some of it's mildly amusing.

But in its own way (and like everything Parker and Stone have done), it's a quite subtle comment on some aspect of society - in this case, the increasing corporatisation of professional sports.

Three friends sick of the state of pro sports invent their own game, a cross between basketball and baseball, that they play against their garage door (by the time the sport itself goes pro, tournaments are held all over the country in arenas with purpose-built garage doors), complete with rules that allow for 'psych-outs' (trying to unhinge your opponent with various taunts).

Directed by David Zucker, so with the Flying High gags he's famous for (but watered down as they were in the late nineties), it deals with the guys' efforts to keep the game real in the face of the sort of financial greed they were sick of to start with.

Heaps of cameos and big names, definitely a must see if you're a fan of Zucker, Stone or Parker.

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