The Basketball Diaries

Year: 1995
Director: Scott Kalvert
Writer: Jim Carroll
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Lorraine Bracco, Mark Wahlberg, Juliette Lewis
Back before Leonardo DiCaprio was a bona fide movie star, he turned in some of the best performances of any actor his age.

Not that he isn't still a good actor when he tries, but nowadays he's got to the size where his reputation and personality precedes him.

The Basketball Diaries is the true story of Jim Carroll and his battle with heroin as he became the popular musician.

Brilliantly played by DiCaprio during his schooling and formative years at an American private school, Carroll descends into drug addiction and you believe every minute of it.

While it seems like a long film, there's not a scene wasted as it traverses one of the most engaging character arcs on film.

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