Batman: Gotham Knight

Year: 2008
Production Co: Warner Bros Animation
Director: Yasuhiro Aoki/Futoshi Higashide/Toshiyuki Kubooka/Hiroshi Morioka/Jong-Sik Nam
Writer: Bob Kane
Cast: Kevin Conroy
You don't often think of Batman and the anime film together, but after the entering of reboots like The Killing Joke into the cultural pantheon, you realise he's actually tailor made for the extreme aesthetic, balletic violence and kinetic energy of the anime aesthetic.

This collection of short tales are all very different in style and content, some borrowing from the established Batman mythology and some taking liberties but they're all thrilling, well executed and worth seeing.

Like The Animatrix to the Matrix series, or the little read Bantam anthologies The Further Adventures of Batman, it's part expansion of an institution, part reverent offering.

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