The Best Man

Year: 2005
Production Co: Endgame Entertainment
Director: Stefan Schwartz
Writer: Stefan Schwartz/Ed Roe
Cast: Stuart Townsend, Seth Green, Amy Smart

After really impressing as distinctive characters in Chopper and Munich, it's where Eric Bana plays middle of the road everymen that he falls down, like in his hatstand performances in Hulk.

In the same way, something about Stuart Townsend's face, hair and everything else about him makes him perfect to play a sexy playboy vampire (Queen of the Damned) or an idealistic bohemian (Head in the Clouds).

As a bumbling everyday guy here, he fades completely into the background as a lovable loser and failed writer who works in an unforgiving publishing job. When he meets a captivating woman at his old friend's engagement party, he's immediately smitten until it turns out she's his friend's fiancée.

Another friend (Green, firmly in cockney comic sidekick mode) tries to convince him he's the one for her, and when it turns out the betrothed friend is cheating on her it's their impetus to act and try to win her heart.

It's the perfect set-up for a rom-com, and despite a few funny lines, little about the actors involved stands out enough to make it anything too memorable.

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