Beverly Hills Cop 3

An interesting comment on the state of some major Hollywood careers. Murphy was in the last vestiges of the slump his career fell into post- Beverly Hills Cop franchise and the likes of Gremlins, he was one of the most liked stars of the 80s. And peopled with cop thriller stalwarts of the 70s like John Saxon, it seemed the final nail in the coffin of many a wheezing Hollywood era.

The fault isn't with the film itself, it's with the time that had passed since the concept was cool. Because of Beverly Hills Cop's legacy, the same thing had been done a hundred times since, and better. This film was too much of same far too late.

Axel again comes to the rescue of a friend in LA, this time caught up in money counterfeiting operation at a Disneyland-inspired theme park. The plot is a complete facsimile of its two predecessors, and the Axel Foley shtick just looks old and tired. The same stunts and the same jokes made little impact, and it looked like the end of Eddie Murphy (the first time) before the likes of The Nutty Professor and Shrek bought him back from the brink of oblivion.

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