Year: 2000
Director: Young-jun Kim
This Korean production was obviously riding the current coattails of the massive interest in Asian cinema, coming out on video and DVD in Australia only through the seemingly dedicated Asian movie distributor.

It tells the epic story of a warrior carrying the secrets of an ancient order and the little girl childhood friend who grows to be the love of his life.

The two are separated when the girl's family moves to a bigger city and is betrothed to a nobleman, and they pledge to meet again and if necessary run away together.

What looks like a simple Romeo and Juliet with swords and sandals gets altogether more complicated as the two come of age and take their respective places in the world; her as the wife in a royal court, him as the leader of a brand of shadowy freedom fighters.

The story develops, the photography is lush and beautiful, there are plenty of fight scenes with shades of Crouching Tiger, but all in all it only just manages to hold your interest all the way through.

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