The Big Lebowski

To start off, I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of the Coen brothers, so I'm not going to go into reverent raptures over this film like most of their fans do. A lot of their early stuff just didn't grab me.

So I found this a lighter offering from them containing more obvious comedy than most (certainly more than Barton Fink). The plot involves a deadbeat (Bridges) with some weird friends who don't do much more than go bowling and smoke pot suddenly mistaken for a crime bigwig because of his name.

From there the story descends into a confusing and oblique mish mash that doesn't seem to serve any purpose except to display the rich and strange characterisations. Goodman gives an outstanding performance as the patriotic Vietnam Vet convinced America is going about the Gulf War the wrong way and Turturro is larger than life as the creepy bowler religious in his passion for the sport.

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