Big Trouble in Little China

Year: 1986
Director: John Carpenter
Cast: Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, James Hong
John Carpenter in one of the modes he's less known for, the action comedy.

Kurt Russel plays one of the best roles of his career as Man With No Name-like Jack Burton, a loner trucker who talks fast and believes in his abilities until they come up against the black magic of San Francisco's Chinatown gangs.

Pulled into the fray via his friend Wang and joining forces with the old sage Uncle Egg and Gracie Law (Kim Cattrall, in her 80s Mannequin heyday and a long time before Sex in the City finally made her a major big star), Jack battles the forces of darkness wielded by the old local kingpin Lo Pan (James Hong, the actor of choice for a generation of Hollywood film and TV in parts for wise middle aged Chinese men).

It's deceptively simple, very funny, and very rarely have action, comedy and sci fi combined. It could only have come from the irreverent eye of John Carpenter.

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