One of the most enduring comedy genres of the 1980s was the magical transplantation of someone into another body, an overt device to enable a character to literally see life through someone else's eyes.

The pioneer of the movement was the Carl Reiner/Steve Martin hit All of Me, and a string of them followed. The next logical choice was to depict a kid wishing he could grow up overnight and break out of the constraints of rules and restrictions.

So that's what happens to Josh Baskin (Hanks), and the film is one long joke about how people would react to a grown man before he exhibits decidely infantile behaviour - spitting out food he doesn't like, spraying pretend snot in a can at his best friend, screaming out the amount of his paycheck with joy and leaping into the top bunk when a beautiful woman awaits him in the bottom bunk because he wanted to be on top.

The plot that drives the gags is that Josh ends up working for a global toy company and, because he's a kid, turns out to be a better product manager than anyone else there. It all ends a bit too sickly and seriously for the comedy it needs to be, but despite many of them being so expected the jokes are stil good with Hanks' charisma behind them.

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